Felix Suarez is an Outstanding Roberto Carcelen Foundation Graduate

Felix Suarez opens the door to his small home every day, acknowledging its humble interior. All around him is the Cantagallo jungle and slum town, filled with both children and adults from the surrounding community. In a setting like this, the opportunity for education seems hopeless, and it once was. The Roberto Carcelen Foundation wanted to change this.

Prior to the foundation becoming involved with the Cantagallo community, there was relatively no way for a child to be educated unless they could travel a distance to a local school every weekday and be accepted by the educators and peers. The children of Cantagallo all have aspirations to one day get out of the jungle, but it can be difficult without the proper tools.

Suarez was once one of these youths. One day, his mother learned about the Roberto Carcelen Foundation Lab and the opportunity it presented to the youth of Cantagallo to learn about technology. He was accepted in late 2015, coming to class every day to learn Fronted and Java. He enjoyed learning about coding and technology.

Not only does the Roberto Carcelen Foundation Lab bring education to children, it also brings them dreams they didn’t think possible. Since learning about technology, Suarez wants to use and further his knowledge to continue to innovate and share his ideas with his country and the world.

Now Suarez has a more fulfilling, well-rounded life. Every day, Suarez wakes up at 5 AM to run before coming back home to make his mother and sister breakfast before they leave for work. He then cleans up the house and leaves for his own job, working at his startup – Delibike.

Delibike is a food delivery service for Lima, Peru that utilizes cyclists as a delivery system. The mobile platform connects these cyclists with restaurants and customers in order for a consumer to place a food order and have the cyclist deliver it from the eatery to their home or location. While Suarez didn’t create the startup, he works with those who did as a web developer through the knowledge he learned at the Roberto Carcelen Foundation Lab.

Suarez recently attended an event promoting the startup service. Akin to Foodler, Delibike is an alternative for food delivery with one very big purpose to serve – it produces no CO2 emissions because of the cyclist delivery system. Through this sustainable app, Suarez is beginning to share his ideas and passion for change to the world.

Above all, Suarez is adamant that this would not have been possible without the Roberto Carcelen Foundation and its eponymous founder. We believe that we do help the youth of Cantagallo with our educational services, but we also can’t take all the credit. Without inspiring, creative children and young adults with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to work hard to reach their goals, we couldn’t operate like we do.

Suarez also has an additional responsibility – his daughter Lauren.  He credits her as his main drive in life, and we’re glad that he now has incredible knowledge to pass on to her so she too can have a better life.


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