Why your support is important.

You can help the children of Peru find their own opportunities in their challenging circumstance by donating to the Roberto Carcelen Foundation.

“Will this journey of adversity and pain have a purpose?  How can I turn my struggles, doubts, failures, and victories along this Olympic voyage into story of hope and perseverance for the people of my homeland?”  These were the thoughts that consumed my mind as I struggled through debilitating pain crossing the finish line at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Ten months later in February of 2015, the Roberto Carcelen Foundation opened the doors of a new educational lab in Lima, Peru.  The lab’s focus is to provide the children of Lima with a place where they can acquire the tools they need to build a brighter future.

Currently our educational lab focuses on programs associated with computer science, English language proficiency, leadership values and life lessons learned though the practice of athletics.  We believe that investing in the lives of these children will ensure that we are helping to create a positive future for Latin America.

To learn more about our work in Latin America, I invite you to visit our lab and learn about our exciting progress.  With your support, we aim to spread education throughout Latin America.  The goal of our educational lab is to not only assist the children in bettering themselves but also teaching them to improve their community and make our world a more promising place.

Thank you!!

Roberto Carcelen

We find the talent where no one has ever looked before, in the slums of Lima.

The Playground

We want the children to escape their depressing situation by experiencing a reality that is only accessible by the privileged.

Coming into our space make the children dream and identify opportunities that will empower and inspire them.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation Lab was design to resemble a high end working space where team collaboration, entrepreneurship provides these young talent with the familiar environment they will experience in a nearby future.

  • We provide free education in computer science. They are now learning how to code and getting hands on real projects. Our group of developers -volunteers- are involving the students on practical solving solutions projects.
  • Our children are learning English! We have two great native speaker teachers volunteers (from the U.S)
  • We are empowering our children through our great psychologist’s volunteers building a strong foundation on leadership values needed for these children to succeed.
  • Our U.S and Peru based mentors are leaders, CEO’s, athletes that connect with our students via skype twice a month to prove the children that anything is possible and that we all care about them.

* The RCF Lab is centrally located in the old Lima district, less than two miles from the troubled areas we target.

* Our programs are 100% free of charge!

Meet the talented ones

Currently 47 students (31 are girls) are actively enrolled in our program. Our goal is to have 100 students by the end of the year.

They come from extreme poor areas nearby. They wouldn’t have been able to make it on their own otherwise.

We have two shifts:

  • 9am- 2pm: Serves children that already finish school and are in need to skill to find a chance. Their ages are from 15- 21 years old.

Duration: 6 months/ daily

  • 4pm – 7.30pm: Serves children that are currently attending school or work in the morning. Ages from 8-15 years old.

Duration: 12 months/ 3 times a week

Supporting innovation through entrepreneurship.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation (RCF) has partnered with Hackspace, a group of young talented developers from a recognized IT national university in Lima. This team of interns are working (out of our Lab) on developing web, mobile apps and engineering projects for the Roberto Carcelen Foundation corporate partners while integrating the students in the development cycle process allowing them early hands on tangible deliverables.

Our corporate partner network are companies in need of talent and specific skills and want to give back to the community.

Our team provides offshore and consulting services from web designing, UA/UX, BI to mobile applications.

We foster innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting and incubating early stage startups located in the region in need of traction, validation and a reliable team to scale up.

Values, education, culture and team collaboration instilled in our talent provides early stage it startups with a solid reliable team of professional capable to provide incubation and traction to entrepreneurs to scale their ideas. The RCF lab talent are developing prototypes for these early stage companies in exchange for a fee or a stake of the company.

All collected revenue cover the operating costs, fund more programs in other cities and pay children a fee (for their work) they can bring home.

Is you company interested in supporting or hiring our talent? Be part of our network partner, not by giving but by receiving!! Contact us

Keep in mind our first batch of students graduates in September 2015.

Invest in our children. Giving hope is the best ROI for your generosity.

Please Donate

Approximately 89 cents for every dollar you donate to the RCF goes into our programs that will directly impact the life of a child. We provide free of cost: full education in computer science, English proficiency, a mentorship program and psychology support.

We have super low administrative costs as we run a solid volunteer program through our corporate environment network.

Keep in mind that $297 funds our computer science program (all described above) per student for a full year!


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